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Hi Zero Digital Sports readers! A quick update to let you know that Zero Digital Sports Facebook assets will be rebranding to All Sport effective immediately! This is ahead of our release of our all-encompassing sports website now available at: Eventually we will be rebranding the Zero...

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Rebranding Zero Digital facebook assets

Hi Zero Digital readers! A quick update to let you know that as part of our consolidation to Zero Digital Sports, we will be rebranding the following facebook pages and merging into one overall Zero Digital Sports page: Zero Striker Zero Scrum Zero Hoops Zero Puck Zero Touchdown Zero Tennis Zero Birdie Zero Home...

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Facebook Page Merge Announcement

Hi everyone, Over the recent years, we've received and obtained some extra Facebook pages we've been publishing our news and content onto. To increase clarity and make everything more consistent, we've decided to merge these smaller Facebook pages into our main pages. As such, the Rugby League...

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